Established in the repurposed FAC19 after the dissolution of FAIR-CO Anomalous Energistics, AJCO is the underground experimental Anomalous Materials research facility that disappeared from the State four years ago. It is operated by its titular head, Facilitator A_J.

Research Edit

AJCO is dedicated to researching and finding useful applications for Anomalous Materials, with its primary focus being the weaponisation and implementation of Void-Particulate technologies. It finds secondary use as a Corrective Facility, with most of the State nationals assigned for Processing in AJCO also doubling as test subjects in the Friendship Chamber.

Founding Edit

After the extradimensional disaster at Aeronautics-ONE, A_J, a Ward of the State and the Anomalous Materials Researcher responsible for the incident, is brought for interrogation at a tribunal overseen by a group of Auditors and the Minister of Growth and Renewal. The interrogation is performed by Facilitator Fairfax, of FAC19. Convincing those present that interrogating her is ineffective, and that she is able to replicate the device and create a Void armament of devastating power, A_J is provisioned with resources and a Facility. In return, she must agree to become a Facilitator - essentially, a delayed death sentence.

AJCO is established and Facilitator A_J begins her work, overseen closely, and with the doleful certainty that each step forward toward scientific discovery takes her a step closer to her death.

Void Research Edit

With the founding of AJCO, the collection and study of Void particulate accelerates, allowing research to take place on a larger scale. No completed Void weapon is produced at this stage, but promising test results keep State funds flowing. AJCO is at its peak as a research facility, and takes on additional purpose as a correctional facility, A_J making use of the original Friendship Chamber.

Human testing of Void particulate is initiated. Most subjects succumb too quickly to surrender much usable scientific data, but over time A_J and her scientists are able to begin piecing together the effects of the substance, as well as its dangers. A_J begins developing a hypothetical means of making the substance less lethal.

With research progressing at an impressive rate, the AJCO science and engineering teams begin work on their first Void Particulate weapon. A warhead of immense destructive capability, larger than the one that erased Aeronautics-ONE from the map.

It is at this time that Frances E. Graye is Audited, and Pythtech, her facility, is liquidated. After all useful information is extracted from her in the Friendship Chamber, she is sent to AJCO for final Processing.

Disappearance of FAC 19 Edit

A_J finds herself unable to kill Frances, and Frances implores her to escape by any means necessary, insisting that she knows they plan on ending A_J's life with the completion of the weapon.

A_J is faced with the difficult choice between loyalty to the State and certain death, or escaping with Frances and the slim possibility of long-term survival. She and Frances make a number of alterations to the Void Particulate warhead, and activate it. The entirety of FAC 19 is swallowed, along with all its staff and one unfortunate captive. There is nothing left of the facility in the State world but a colossal, perfectly hemispherical depression in the ground.

In an apparently uninhabited parallel world, AJCO and most of its staff reappear. The facility had sustained heavy damage in Void transit, and many of the employees had simply vanished. Many more quickly perished from Void exposure, and all suffered its effects. AJCO was left stranded and bereft of resources, with an ever-dwindling workforce.

A_J, Frances, and A_J's personal assistant and Aberrant, Requiem, survived. Over the following months, they and the remainder of the staff rebuilt the facility and began their work again.

AJCO Across Worlds Edit

[This space reserved for actual story events between AJCO 6 and present]

Iterations Edit

AJCO 6 Edit

The "Original" AJCO. This was the site of the majority of the formative events for the AJCO faction members. It was devoted to Anomalous Materials research, including Void material, Thaumic research, and some blood magic. Also the site of the AJCO faked moon landings.

It was located in a forested valley, with a volcano on either side. The dense forest surrounding it kept the facility hidden from view for a considerable amount of time.

AJCO 6 was destroyed when its reactors went critical in the world destabilization event.

AJCO 7 (Site B) Edit

A separate, hidden Void research facility, located underneath the ruins of a beach house belonging to A_J. Site B was destroyed before it was completed.

AJCO 8 Edit