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The AJCO universe is based in a Minecraft roleplay server, originally created by AJ Hateley, Celest, and Pythosblaze. Though it started out with only a few characters and scattered, directionless RP, it has since grown to over 30 players strong, and involves a rich setting and collection of lore. This is a world of war, science, magic, and complex moral themes. It is often extremely dark, but the community is a fun-loving group of people who repeatedly bring light to the turmoil and dread, and find ways to make themselves at home.

There are many blogs on tumblr following and chronicling the events of the story, and a huge amount of artwork and fanfiction created in its honor. This will be a place to keep track of the characters, lore, and setting as the tale of AJCO continues to grow.

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All about the characters, world, and lore of the AJCO RP server.

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