FAC 314, designation pi-TEC is the research and development Facility serving as the heart and communications hub of Region 314. It was founded and run by the Doctor, from its original commission through its demise.

It was an extensive, self-sustaining two-level underground Facility with offices, living quarters, medical facilities, laboratories, workshops, a smeltery, and even its own water and air purification systems. It was designed to be sealable in the event of an attack, and sustain a large number of personnel if necessary. Its above-ground portion consisted of a communications array and armored, but otherwise decorative entrance structure.

Deep below the lab levels, the colossal Re-Education suite was built, and protected by many layers of concrete, metal, and shock-absorbing layers. This was both to protect the delicate equipment from harm, and to protect those in the facility above from the sonic device forming the core of the Suite.

Even further down was a bunker. Damp, stale, and partially flooded, it provided a safe haven in the event of catastrophic reactor failure or direct nuclear strike. This bunker contained rations for ten people to survive several months, as well as radio communication equipment connected to the main pi-TEC array and ADEF-FAC.

pi-TEC is now in ruins, and highly unsafe to approach due to the still high levels of radiation, and contaminated material in the surrounding area. It is unknown how much of the underground portion survived.

Founding Edit

After the mirror universe's Frances Graye completed her Furtherances in Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Biotechnological Integration, she began work on a project that would define her career. The Therapeutic Re-Education Suite. With the completion of the first Suite and several successful tests, she was granted a facility and a select team of scientists and engineers to continue development of the project.

Re-Education Edit


A_J in the Re-Education Suite

pi-TEC was built around, and for, a construct known as the Therapeutic Re-Education Suite. Originally developed as a means of combating PTSD in infantrymen returning from the ever-shifting fronts, the State put it to use as a Conditioning device. More efficient and effective than their previous methods, the Suite allowed an operator to implant ideas, commands, and directives into the mind of the subject, effectively controlling them.