The AJCO community requires you to be checked out by one of the members. If you wish to participate, please ask a member.

Creating your character Edit

When Creating a character for AJCO community you should think carefully. Now we understand most characters change from their original ideas within the first few RPs so don't feel bad if this happens. Think of these basic questions when making:

What faction will they be affiliated with? Edit

- there are many factions and neutral characters to rp with. Each faction have different rules so ask their leaders.

What will they do? Edit

- many characters do many different things. Do they research magic with the crew? Are they a special type of ward with the State? Or are they a traveling salesmen randomly selling junk? Its up to you!

What do they look like? Edit

- are they scared up from long years of war or work? Are they so ripped they can rip a door off the hinges? Keep in mind their MACELIPS will affect some parts of their appearances.


- Magic, Agility, Charisma, Endurance, Luck, Intelligence, Perception, and Strength. These make up general aspects of your character. You have 45 points to put into any of these, however all must be a minimum of 1 unless it is part of an over all disability you choose for your character. For example a 0 in strength means the character cannot move their limbs or breath on their own.

1-2 would mean they fail at it, they can't do it at all or they don't and never will understand it.
3-4 they have difficulties but it's not a huge problem.
5 could either mean one very bad aspect and one good or overall average.
6-7 higher than average but nothing major.
8-9 They excel in this aspect. More often than not if they put their mind to it they can make it happen.
10 (be careful for what you use this for!) it's difficult to beat them at this.

- MACELIPS is used to check if a character can do something around another character or to an enviroment. For example, you cant rip off a door unless your 7 or higher in strength, you can't use magic unless you are a 3 or higher.

You can find the MACELIPS of current characters on their pages or here.

Understanding Role Play Rules Edit

When role playing you must first ask for permission to engage in role-play with the person you wish to RP with. Jumping randomly into role play might result in unexpected and confused partner(s). Always be polite and try to give your partner(s) a chance to react to what your character or the environment has just done.

Remember that you can RP about anything so long as you ask your partner if anything from the trigger warning list comes into play.

RP's also must be formatted appropriately before being put out for others to read. Rules for formatting are listed HERE.

Know how to be polite Edit

- Always allow for your partner(s) to react to something you've just done unless you have already discussed it with them.

- Do not injure a character without the permission of its owner.

- Always ask before bringing up topics on the trigger warning list.

- Use descriptions of your character to ensure it is clear what your character is doing for the other person. If you do not do anything you are assumed to be standing perfectly still like a post, don't be a post.

- Do not enter other peoples space (bedrooms, personal spaces, faction areas, ect.) without asking whoever's it is first, they can often explain what the space looks like better or flat out tell you you are not allowed there.

- Respond to a character if they do something, unless you make it obvious you are pointedly ignoring it.

- If you are unsure of anything, ask your partner(s) or more experienced players.

Links Edit

MACELIPS forum to add your character Edit

- Add your character's MACELIPS here

MACELIPS docs for reference Edit

- See others MACELIPS here

Past RP Sheet Edit

- Old Rps to read though for background stuff. Also fun to read.

Trigger Warning list Edit

- Make sure to list warnings on each RP

Fun AU inspiration sheet Edit

- Fun ti see and fill out. If you have an idea for an empty space, please write it in another colour. Entries in Black are confirmed by the characters owner (minus the music links).