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4_2 "Nights"






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Will Heggers

Ranger (however still considered crew)



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The Castle Crew's formation came from a rebellion of Asset 4_2, Will Heggers, and a young woman named Egg. Through their frustration of being underapreciated after the first void jump and watching the others disapear the three decided to seperate. The original crew oventually found what is now called Starfall Towers, a floating island home to three towers with magic fires burning at the top. They started to live together at starfall, showing individualism and angering Facilitator A_J. A_J and Frances then "teach" them a lesson in a form of a fight-for-your-life maze. The anger comes round circle when 4_2 confronts A_J after, slaps her, and leads to 4_2 being "fired" thus creating The Castle Crew.

Rivalry with AJCO Edit

The Castle Crew has had a long history with AJCO. The start of which was from their leader 4_2 who was a slave belonging to FAC-19 (AJCO). Her resentment toward AJCO fuels most of the anger toward AJCO itself. Many members of The Crew has have been wronged in one way or another by AJCO, creating an all around hostility toward the FAC and its employees.

The Castles Edit

Starfall Towers

2014-04-12 00.07

The floating castle in the sky, found by 42, Will, and Egg after the one of the interdimensional jumps. Made into their home once The Castle Crew was formed this massive castle was primarily made of an assortment of buildings on a floating island and the perimeter of the property lined with Towers in which members of the crew used as personal living spaces. The Great spires on the top of the Core tower are surrounded by brightly burning magical lights, presumed a bi-product of whatever magic keeps the island aloft, known as the soul stars. The panths hanging on chain represent each direction on the compass, lighting the way home to travellers.

A map of the lands can be found HERE

Ravenhold Castle

2014-08-18 14.22

Ravenhold Castle was the first to be build souly by the Crew. It is a massive castle high a top a large snowy mountain. Ravenhold was made in two parts, the Magic side and the Main building. The magic side was split into 3 other area for each dicipline of magic the crew was currently practicing. The main building housed the server room, Living quarters, kitchen, and other such basic areas.

Ravenhold has now been destroyed due to a fire caused by a nuclear attack on Pi-tech.

Other area's not of the main castle where also made to acomidate others, such as Egg's Cottage, Curls' Witchery circle, 42's Lab, and Will's Workshop.

Maps can be found HERE and HERE.

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Crowskeep Fortress was discovered by Lavender when exploring in the Pi-verse world. It was found in a state of decay and looked like it had been under attack previously. Built in the same universe as Ravenhold it was home to the pi-verse version of the Crew, however the dead residents of the castle seem to have proven they did not last long. This 3 tower castle was built atop a massive mountain and on cloudy days you would not be able to see it from the ground due to its elevation.

2015-12-28 14.56

Oakheart Hold Edit

A great manor built with magic in its bones. Made after the Taint epidemic after the Crowskeep's land was destroyed. It is comprised of 2 large towers, 2 main wings, a large open air courtyard sporting an over sized oak, and 2 large buildings.

Recruitment Edit

To The Crew each member is important, Working like a family the people are able to live and work together in (relative) peace. This next section will summarize each members recruitment and story on how they where recruited.

42 Edit

The Leader and part of the original founders. She was part of the creation of The Crew to escape The State after being a slave all her life to them.

Curls Edit

A young girl who had been living with Lavender she had made allies with Nights and the castle but lived separately with her friend. After being seriously injured Nights found her and cared for her. She is now the Castle’s Second in command.

Lavender Edit

Lavender had stabbed Curls in the back (literally) in order to take a QTD to AJCO and gain their favor. However this was a ploy that backfired and ended with the two hating each other. When Lavender was thrown from AJCO, Nights spared her and took her in to the castle.

BlueSky Edit

One day Blue ventured into the AJCO village, when she fell off a roof into the sheep pen and found herself face to face with Holar. Egg appeared mid conversation and Holar unceremoniously dumped Blue on her. She led her to the village The Crew were staying in and Nights allowed her to stay. When the crew decided to head to the site of the new castle, Nights invited Blue to come with them, an offer which she happily accepted.

Krauzer Edit

The Master Thaumaturg had one day entered the Pi-verse world after a void shift. Happening upon the Crew he was convinced to stay.

Ranger Edit

One of our newest member however was brought into the crew due to her friendship with curls from another world.