The Crag, official designation Outpost 44, is a mostly failed experiment in the creation of a self sufficient State Colony developed during the Golden Age of expansion for the State. Built on a rocky island in the ocean between the mainland of the State and one of it's many enemies of the time primarily to house Anti Aircraft batteries for strategic use during the conflict. It fell into obsolescence almost immediately after the enemy nation of <REDACTED> fell to nuclear fire. It barely pays for itself with resources processed from the local monazite mines and taken back to the mainland on the Bi-Annual resupply ships. The island is extremely resource scarce due to increased sea radiation leaving automated mariculture plants useless. Introduction of non native Capra strains to island to help offset this were only partially successful.

The current situation at the Crag is mostly unknown as the resupply ships have little contact with those on the island. The last in depth study was performed over a decade ago as a part of the now rogue Quartermaster project. The study confirmed that while the Citizens living inside the Anti Aircraft tower facility, know locally as 'Jericho', were able to live comfortably, the Wards and Assets living in the unfinished FACs outside were subject to severe resource scarcity. Outside the tower there is a severe population imbalance towards the young as a result of the lack of reproductive suppressants and high level of Self Audit among the populace. The study also noted that social control by the citizens was able to keep the rest of the populace in check with a high degree of success, although there were brief references to a breach of protocol occurring during the survey itself.

Existence of The Crag is downplayed by the current government as the underachievement of the 'Island of Tomorrow Project' from it's Golden Age is somewhat of an embarrassment, many people think it is just a myth for this reason. State Childcarers may use the threat of being 'Sent to the Crag' to bolster compliance, a threat that records suggest may have been followed up in a small but non zero number of cases.